About Me

Peony Rose Handmade......where happiness blooms

I've been creating & crafting since I was a little girl (newspapers held together with staples make great handbags!!) and after my Gran taught me how to sew up a blanket with the woollen squares I'd knitted, my love affair with a needle and thread began :))

Last year I decided that I wanted to take my sewing dreams further, and here we are, Peony Rose Handmade has made it online!! This is where you'll find fabric delights such as pen/pencil pots, buntings, cushions and a whole lot more.

But where did the name Peony Rose come from?

Well, one day after months of trying to think of a business name (and believe me, I came up with some real humdingers!!) I was looking out into my garden and I saw the beautiful peony roses that had originally been in my Nana's garden over 30 years ago! When she passed away, my Dad dug them up and planted them in our garden. When I looked at them, I thought that's it, Peony Rose is the perfect name! Those peony roses have survived a lot of trampling feet, being pulled at by kiddies and of course our 'lovely' Scottish weather. Yet, despite all of that, they STILL come back every year!! In a way, their resilience reflects some of my own personal experiences and hence, I thought it was the ideal name. So there you go, a bit about me and Peony Rose Handmade!!

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me, I hope you'll enjoy my sewing adventures!

Fiona :)